Use These Self-Care Apps to Enhance Your Lifestyle

If you are the one can’t find time for themselves then you need to get a hand on self-care apps. Self-care apps help you to take care of your mental, physical and other needs without taking help of others. If you feel that there is no one, then these apps will become your friends. Give them a try now.

Top Self-Care Apps


Happify lets you choose the wellbeing and health goals you generally want to focus on. It upon to you whether you want to build confidence or reducing stress, rest of thing will take care of it. It will provide you some activities and games which you need to accomplish. You can check how much happiness you’ve earned while using the app. Happify is free to download.

Shine Text

Shine Text is a free to use site where you just need to sign up and get a text message on motivational tips, quotes, positive psychology articles, tips on how you can kickstart your morning. According to the site, more than 93% subscribers who are getting messages from them feel more happy and confident.

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal is an app for which you can download from iTunes and Google Play Store. Gratitude Journal is a virtual journal which helps you to remember of things which you’re grateful for every day. You can also have an option to share it with your beloved friends. Gratitude Journal also lets you click photos and tag friends along with locations. Once you use it, you will find more interesting than Facebook.


Headspace is a meditation app which gives you guide on audio meditations on various themes from how to do proper meditation to how to fall asleep without any worries. It is a paid app, but you can give it a try free of cost. It will allow you to try its first 10 sessions free of cost after that you need to pay $13 per month or $96 per year to access more meditations. You can download Headspace for your Android or iOS devices.

Use These Self-Care Apps to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Acupressure: Heal Yourself

Self-massage is one of the best ways to get rid of stress and tension. This help helps you to increase your productivity. This app will guide you to a various pressure point in your body. By following the guide on how to press each pressure with illustrated instructions you can simply calm heal yourself. Acupressure is not a free app. You need to pay $1.99 for this amazing app.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is a smart alarm which tracks your sleeping habit. It is so smart app that it will wake you up when you are on lightest sleep phase, this way you will feel more rested. Want some more? Well, Sleep Cycle will track your snoring too and other things. By analyzing all the stats, it will wake you up without any disturbance. You can download Sleep Cycle on your Android and iOS devices.

Yoga Studio

With this app, you can practice yoga anywhere. It let you download yoga classes, so you don’t miss your yoga class without any interruption. This is a perfect app for beginners too. Apart from it, you can even schedule your classes. You can download the Yoga Studio free to cost from iTunes or Google Play.

If you are using any other self-care apps, then feel free to tell us and to get more tips on lifestyle subscribe us now.

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