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Top 15 Things That Every Guy Love In A Girl beside Her Good Looks

1. A Good Chef

There is an old saying that “the only way to reach man’s heart is through his stomach.” Men love the girls that love to cook for them happily. Even the experts agree for this fact.

2. A Good Listener

Most men applaud women who listen to them and the one who doesn’t give lectures, comments, and tips that what you would so. They consider those women as more caring. Men love patience during any problem, and they feel good when they listen “Okay, baby, whenever you like to talk about the matter, I’m here for you.”

3. Free And Easy Going


The girls that go with the flow is one thing that the men love. Most of the men feel shy to sing or dance in front of the public, but they feel comfortable to listen to songs from their lady love and even dancing too. They’ll love to give surprises when they know that the reaction will be excellent. The men like to see their women being them.

4. Satisfied And Happy

The men find the lady attractive when she enjoys the things that they do for her. No no, we are not saying that you must be incredibly charming, or have an excellent job, but the one thing that matters the most is the happiness of your life. The women who stay positive and cheerful whatever the situation is are the ones they like the most.

5. The One Who Loves Eating Food

Counting extra calories in the food every time the men eat makes the men angry. They like the ones who enjoy every food with them. So guys just go to a restaurant and chill down there, instead of commenting or complaining of fatty things in food.

6. Genuine

The men love the perfect, fun loving girl, and the one who likes to smile and doesn’t even care what others think of her. The one who doesn’t use words like OMG or TTYL, and the one who doesn’t cry every time her mascara or kajal spreads around her eyes. They hate the fake ones.

7. Driver

You may think of men complaining about the women drivers, but you’ll be shocked to know that most of them would think that it must be a part of modern society and they should know driving well.

8. Ready For Compromise

Every man love to feel good when they know that their lady is ready to compromise with them. They love that they are working hard for them. This quality leads to a longer, more fulfilling and happy relationship.

9. Caring

Caring is the essential thing that men love in a woman. An average man will tell you that he loved you and showed how much he loves you and cares for you. In fact, the girls should do the same. Make him feel happy when he is upset, surprise him occasionally, and listen to his problems deeply.

10. Good Sense Of Humor

Men especially like the girl that is happy all the time especially at the time when they are planning for their marriage.

11. Caring Herself

Men love the one who likes to spend money on herself and always get up to date. Even the experts say yes to this. When you take care of yourself, it means that you will take good care of him as well. They also want to enjoy the advantage of waxing, beauty products, and shopping as well.

12. Bold And Fervent

One of the best thing that men like in a girl is how fervent she is. He loves being ‘strong’ behind the delicate beauty of yours and the one who is confident and bold enough to say anything.

13. Being Natural

Just because girls love to wear makeup, doesn’t mean that they have to do it all the time. The guy likes a girl who adjusts according to the occasion. They feel good when they want them to look natural, and they do so in return.

14. Confident

Every guy wants a girl that is confident enough that she doesn’t require anything.

15. Motherly Talent

Motherly instinct is a must for the most of the men. He loves the one that will take care of him as her mother does. They just want that the one whom they are going to their whole life are the one who loves to take care of their kids in the best possible way.

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