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UK Government Scholarships for International Students

In recent years, there is a steady increase in the number of international students who wish to study in the UK universities. In the UK, there are various well-known universities are present that provides higher education to national and international students. However, out of all study in some universities is very costly. Hence, the UK government has provided various scholarships to UK citizens as well as  international students who wish to enhance their educational experience by study in any UK university.


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Various Scholarships for Study in UK

Shared Scholarship Scheme

This scheme is provided to the students from developing Commonwealth countries. British government offers this scheme to assist those students who are unable to study because of their financial condition. Every year Shared Scholarship Scheme is given to 200 students who wish to enhance their skills. For more information visit login to

Chevening Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to those students who wish to study the top universities in the UK. Every year a number of students are applying for this scholarship. In 2012, more than 17,000 students are applying for the Chevening Scholarship but only 985 students got this scholarship. After getting a scholarship, it is necessary for the students to demonstrate their motivation to hold a strong leadership in their respective nations within the 10 year after receiving this scholarship. You can apply for this scholarship only online. For more information visit


Study in UK


 Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme (ORSAS)

This scheme is provided to all international students for attracting them to UK for research purposes. This scheme is jointly funded by England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. This scheme is only offered to full time postgraduate researchers based on their research potential and academic excellence. This award is given to the student with the help of funding institute.  For getting more information about Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme, visit

Study in UK


Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

This scholarship is provided to the students from UK commonwealth countries. The commonwealth countries are India, Botswana and Brunei. British government offers a Commonwealth Scholarship for exchanging the career development opportunity between UK and various Commonwealth countries. In June 2009 various awards are given to the undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral level students. For getting more information regarding Commonwealth Scholarship you can visit

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