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9 Wonderful Tips For Women To Kiss Their Man Like A Pro

Kissing helps you to add extra fun to your life and a vital part of every relationship. And if you are a passionate kisser, then keep your attracted towards yourself as intimacy is the main thing for a great sex life.

But sadly, many people fail to kiss their partner correctly while having sex. If you’re a new to kissing, here are few fantastic kissing tips and tricks to kiss your guy like never before. So get ready to learn the art of kissing from today itself for a joyful and prosperous relationship.

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1. Make Yourself Well Prepared

It means that just apply good quality lip balm on your lips so that your lips become soft and your partner gets more attracted. And if you are thinking to wear lipstick, it’s a pretty good idea as it will be more enticing.

2. Let Your Man Know Your Intentions

If you like a guy, then ask him directly to kiss you, but this trick doesn’t always work efficiently. It can often result in significant embarrassment sometimes.

So the best way is to make him know what’s going on your mind. While making conversation, just stop looking at his face and eyes. You have to pay more attention to his lips.

So just glance out at his lips from time to time for few seconds amid your conversation. He may not see this firstly, but he’ll surely notice this after 1 minute or two. After he realizes this, he will glance at your lips too. It means that he also wants to kiss you. So then just go on to kiss him by leaning nearer to your partner.

3. Begin Softly And Slowly

When a man steps ahead toward you for kissing, then start slowly. Softly push your lips as softly as possible as you can and massage your lips between his. Begin with his bottom lips and then move it to the top one.

4. Switch Your Things Up

After lips massaging for some time, you can alter your strategy a little bit. Begin to get crazy now and rather than rubbing just squeeze the lips. Just crush his lips with as much as force as you could apply and kiss passionately.

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5. Use Your Teeth

Using your teeth doesn’t mean that you need to bite him. But while kissing your guy, just begin with nibbling your lips softly between his. You can also squeeze his upper lips or lower one between your teeth or run your teeth gradually over his lips for a unique sensation.

6. Alter Your Head Position

Plenty of women sometimes forget to change their head position. They only focus on the one side of their partner’s face.

So just slide your head to one side. After doing this, you will feel more comfortable and want to enjoy it more. Just make sure you do it to another side of his face too. From time to time, just change your position of the head so that it gets turned to the other side as well.

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7. Let Your Guy Kiss You

When the topic comes to kissing a guy, most women think that they need to do it alone. But it’s not like that, and in fact, you need to do half of the work or even less than that. Let you guy kiss you rather than you taking the lead.

8. Kiss Your Man In Other Parts Too

Besides his lips, begin kissing your guy in other body areas too. It will feel him more excellent and sensual also. If you focus juts only on his lips, you are missing out other pleasure.

You can try out a kiss on his cheeks, forehead, chest, and slowly on other body areas. If that’s not sufficient with this, just take your head on your man’s neck and begin kiss, sucking, massaging and nibbling. You can even softly lick and kiss his ears.

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9. Practice Kissing Diverse Techniques

There are plenty of kissing methods, tips, ideas that you can begin practice yourself in front of the mirror. As you know practice makes everyone perfect, so to earn mastery in kissing, you have to devote some time out of your daily schedule.