Movie Review of The Purge

The Purge is a adventurous movie directed by James DeMonaco. The trailer shows the story of a family having  four  people  who are doing all their efforts to save themselves from a vicious outside the world who breaks their home.




The cast includes Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey, Rhys Wakefield, Max Burkholder, Toney Oller , Adelaide Kane in major roles. It is a fiction story where the government has given a single night in a year where all crime including murder is legal. During this night, police cannot help you, hospitals also suspend to provide the help. In short, it is a night when all the criminals are doing crime without the tension of punishment.



During this night, what happens with the James Sandin and his wife Mary when a stranger is coming and knock the door, is the main story line of this movie. This movie is released in the movie theaters on 7 June 2013.

The running time of the movie is near about 85 minutes and Nathan Whitehead is the music director of this movie.

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