Pregnancy Care & Attention

Pregnancy is a dynamic phase in which body have to face numerous changes these changes may lead to some sort of depression or symptoms but you need not to worry about that all you need to know how to take care at the time of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Symptoms can differ from women to women but common symptoms are missed menstrual period, morning sickness, backache, food carving, vomiting, sleepiness, yeast infection, bleeding gums etc. Proper care & checkup need for the hour especially for women having strange problems.

Pregnancy Care

Regular visits to doctor is mandatory

Doctors can warn you about any minor or major symptoms & proper treatment to take about. Proper treatment & test should be taken as per doctor’s advice ignoring or negligent of advice can cost you dearer.

Ask for help

You need not to do all work alone need to hear your body if asking for rest then have it. Heavy & risky work should be avoided at all cost. However exercise during pregnancy has its own benefits it reduces discomfort. Light exercise & yoga are re

commended but consult with doctor first.

Diet in Pregnancy

Diet plays an important role when you are pregnant. A healthy diet is desirable for a healthy child. Food carving is normal in pregnancy however you should avoid fast food, alcohol & smoking. A healthy diet with fruits, vegetables & milk is mostly recommended by dietitian around. Increase your calorie intake as required.

Labour care

During labour have warm showers it will relax you but not with hot water. Relaxation is much desirable during

Need for Changed Lifestylelabour so relax as much as you can. You need to be ready for labour time with all material like that of vehicle.

Changed lifestyle is very much essential for pregnant women as it affects her as well as unborn child. Light music, walk in fresh air, reading books can relax the pregnant women. Stress should be avoided at any cost need to build up positive environment around.  Having sound &quality sleep works wonder at the time of pregnancy. Supplement & vitamins prescribed should be taken on time. Interact with positive people & accomplish the task which bring smile on your face.




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