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9 Best Pregnancy Exercises To Induce A Normal Delivery

Labor pain can be excruciating during pregnancy, and by spending a few minutes, every day can help you to boost the chances of a healthy delivery with less pain. So just try out some exercises.

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1st Trimester

First trimester (week 1 to week 12) is the vital period in a woman’s life. Heavy exercise can help you a lot. Just do low-intensity activities if your doctor advises you to do.

Warm Up

a) Tilt head from the right and left – 1 set of 10 reps
b) Do head nodding up and down – 1 set of 10 reps
c) Rotate Head clockwise and anticlockwise – 1 set of 5 reps
d) Rotate arms in clockwise and anticlockwise direction – 1 set of 10 reps
e) Turn your Shoulder in circles both clockwise and anticlockwise – 1 set of 10 reps
f) Side lunges – Nearly 1 set of 5 reps
g) Stand with backstretch

1. Hip Raise

Starting Position

Just relax on the floor, tilt your knees and keep your feet on the ground. Just stretch your arms in your thighs.


a) Gradually, lift your hips up until your body makes a straight line with shoulders.
b) Wait for 1 seconds and progressively lower your back to the starting pose.
c) Do five reps

Note: Make your daily workout light.

2. Clamshell

Beginning Position:

Just lie on the side of the floor with your knees curved, and one arm under your head and other all over the body make sure it touches the floor to support your body an keep your heels on one another.


a) Keep both your heels together and lift your leg as much as you can.
b) Wait for one second and then come back to starting position.
c) Repeat this for five-time and then lie down on other side and perform the same activity.

Note: Avoid overstretching your leg while opening leg.

3. Wall Slide

Starting Position:

Firstly bend your head back with buttocks raise against the wall, relax shoulders and out your hips one width far away.


b) Tilt your knees and push your arms raised against a wall such that they make 90% angle with your upper arms
c) Now gradually stretch your arms over the head by making your elbow straight and press the back of your wrist and palm to the wall.
d) Do five reps.

Note: Stop it whenever you are uncomfortable.

2nd Trimester Pregnancy

Second trimester (Week 13 to week 27) is known as honeymoon period where you will face morning sickness and nausea. Just consult your doctor before doing these stretches.

1. Lying Cobbler Pose

Starting Position

Just relax on the ground close to a wall and slowly extend your legs and touch your feet to the wall.


a) Keep the feet sole together and gradually tilt knees, open legs and bring it done keeping feet together.
b) Just stay in this position for 1-second.
c) Place your palms on your knees side and press down your legs.
d) Now rest by keeping your hands over your head for nearly 2 seconds.
e) Repeat two reps.

Note: Avoid pressing too much to open your thighs.

2. Pelvic Tilt Or Angry Cat

Starting Position

Start with a cat’s pose and make your palms rest on the ground with toe pointed towards the ground.


a) Gently curve your back and lower head between shoulders.
b) Now hold this position for 1 seconds and then return to the starting point and repeat the process.
c) Perform five reps.

Note: Avoid distressing your back

3. Downward Dog

Starting Position

Like a cat, just spread your fingers far away and press your fingertips against the floor.


a) Raise your hips upwards, and your heels are touching the ground with your hands stretches up and head down.
b) Now tilt one of your knees and hold it for 1 second and the straight your leg again.
c) Bend another knee and keep it for 1 second and then straight your leg.
d) After 5 minutes just lower your body and do a pose of a kid.
e) Do five reps.

Note: Just make sure that you press your finger against the ground.

3rd Trimester

1. Opening Hips

Starting Position

Just stand straight and put your feet and shoulders one width away.


a) Tilt your knees and lower body to make a deep squat.
b) Try to free all your energy via your pelvis.
c) Take five deep breaths while squatting and gradually stand up.
d) Do five reps slowly.

2. Pelvic Stretches

Starting Position

Just relax on the exercise ball with your back at 90-degree angle.


a) Put your feet on the floor a bit wider than your shoulder width.
b) Now begin stretching by moving your pelvis back and forward.
c) Do this process 20 times.
d) Perform three reps.

NOTE: Avoid doing this activity alone. In case you are uncomfortable just ask your trainer to hold your excise ball while sitting.

3. Deep Breathing