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13 Best Ayurvedic Remedies For Jaundice In Newborn And Children

Jaundice (yellow skin) is a disorder caused due to the build-up of a yellow pigment known as ‘bilirubin’ in the skin. When the cells of blood complete their life cycle, there are broken down in the body. These cells release bilirubin that gets filtered in the liver and then excreted out. Since the organ is […]

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Kids – Enrichment Activities for Preschool Kids

Nowadays all parents are more concern about their child’s development. Everybody wants that their children should be sharp in both studies and other activities. For this it is essential to give proper attention to your child form the early age. Enrichment activities are so advantageous for mental and physical development of kids. Basically these activities […]

New Born Babies & Kids

Home Remedies for Newborn Baby Gas

Gas pain is a common problem in infants within their first 2 months due to their undeveloped digestive systems. This gas pain causes a sharp, frantic baby cry that is different than the tired or hungry baby cry. The other signs of gas pain in infants include pulling up legs, lying curled up and crying […]

New Born Babies & Kids

How to Handle a New Born Baby?

Holding your newborn baby in your hands is definitely one of the most exciting experiences in your life. There is nothing softer than your hands when you touch your newborn champion. However, mostly first time mothers are not aware that how to deal and handle new born baby. A newborn baby is very delicate just […]

New Born Babies & Kids

How to Treat Diarrhea in Newborn Babies

Holding your new born baby on your hands is such a gorgeous and unexplainable experience. New born babies are rarely suffers from diarrhea but due to diarrhea the chances of gastrointestinal infections are increased. Symptoms of Diarrhea Usually the stools are liquid and runny. When baby is suffering from diarrhea then stool emits a fool […]