How to Choose Safe and Hazard Free Toys for Kids

Kids love toys. And toys also seem innocent enough. However, would you think toys can be dangerous? The answer is “Yes”, they can be dangerous. Do you know that most of the accidents relating to kids are in one way or another, caused by one of their lovely toys? There are many such toys that have the potential to cause dangerous accidents by choking, strangling, pricking or even poisoning. To avoid such bad things, you need to keep in mind the things you should do while going to shop toys for your baby. Here are useful tips to keep in mind while buying baby toys:

Safe and Hazard Free Toys for Kids1Choose Age-Appropriate Toys

While shopping baby toys, keep your child’s age in your mind that which type of toys is right according to age. Buy a big toy for infants, toddlers and preschooler child with the intention that these large toys would not garrote and are safe & sturdy. Don’t buy toys with string or long cords as these can toys can cause strangulation hazard. Avoid very small toys as a little child can put them in his mouth.

Age-Appropriate Toys

Check the Labels of Toys

Only buy the toy after inspecting their labels. If labels display you the toy is free from potential hazard, you are selecting a right toy for your child and his health. For example, a toy made with fabrics should be labeled as flame resistant. Inspect the coloring materials, crayons, paints, chalks, and other painting toys for lead free label.


Entertaining, Developmental and Educational Toys

Select a toy having developmental, entertaining and educational value. These kinds of toys are helpful in improving mental and social skills of your child. These will sharpen the mind of children and encourage them to think creatively and logically. These toys include arts and crafts toys, cubes for toddlers, magnetic games, etc.

Entertaining, Developmental and Educational ToysAvoid Loud Toys

Toys making loud noise can pose a danger to your child’s ears. These loud toys may include horns, sirens, toy phones, and cap guns that are able to produce 90 to 120 decibels of sound and this sound is very painful for your kid and may lead to serious hearing problems.

Avoid Loud Toys

Check the Rating Label of Video Games

Children of all ages love video games. So, if you are buying a video game for your child, make sure to check the rating label of video game as this label will tell you the content of the video game is suitable for your kid or not. Many video games enclose some hints of mild violence and use of offensive language that is a bad thing for your child. Always prefer “EC” (Early Childhood) rating video games over “E” (Everyone is suited for) rating.

Video Games



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