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Top 11 Natural Remedies To Heal Thrush In Newborns And Adults

Thrush is a common infection that results in the overproduction of yeast known as fungus Candida Albicans. It is a tiny creamy white patch in the mouth and tongue. They are very painful and can even lead to bleeding if you scratch them. Check out some natural home remedies to heal thrush fast. 1. Clove […]

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13 Best Ayurvedic Remedies For Jaundice In Newborn And Children

Jaundice (yellow skin) is a disorder caused due to the build-up of a yellow pigment known as ‘bilirubin’ in the skin. When the cells of blood complete their life cycle, there are broken down in the body. These cells release bilirubin that gets filtered in the liver and then excreted out. Since the organ is […]

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Kids – Enrichment Activities for Preschool Kids

Nowadays all parents are more concern about their child’s development. Everybody wants that their children should be sharp in both studies and other activities. For this it is essential to give proper attention to your child form the early age. Enrichment activities are so advantageous for mental and physical development of kids. Basically these activities […]

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Natural Remedial Help for Children Sleep

To keep your children healthy, sleep is very important as it allows the body to rest and function properly. It is difficult for many parents to get their children sleep at bedtime. Sometimes children may have sleep problems. Most parents do not rely on sleeping aids, like sleeping pills. There are some natural remedies that […]


The Most Common Disabilities in Children

It is very difficult and quite unacceptable to identify the uncommon behavior in our own child and the uncommon behavior or growth in a child surly the insignia of disability. A disability may be present from birth, or occur during a person’s lifetime. Most of the disabilities in a child is not easy to recognize […]