Home Remedies to Treat Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is very irritating sensation and pain in teeth when eating something too chilled or hot such as drinking coffee, eating ice cream or chewing tough foods. The pain originates through irritated nerves ending in teeth. There may be several reasons behind tooth sensitivity such as lack of hygiene, gum diseases, receding gums, cracks, injury, allergy, use of hard brush, infection, acidic foods, teeth grinding and others. Tooth sensitivity disturbs our daily routine. Here are effective home remedies to cure tooth sensitivity that produces effective results as compared to medications and special toothpastes available in the market.

Tooth Sensitivity

Mouth Hygiene

Mouth hygiene is one of the effective home remedies to get rid of tooth sensitivity problem. It is not difficult to follow this remedy, it just needs practice. You only need to clean your teeth twice a day by using floss and mouth wash after each meal. Maintain a proper diet; include fruits & vegetables in your diet.

Mouth Hygiene

Avoid Acidic and Sweet Foods

Acidic foods like tomato-based sauces and lemon drinks are the causes of thinning teeth enamel that promotes tooth sensitivity problems. Therefore, it is recommended you avoid such acidic and sweet foods. Daily drinking of soft drinks also results in tooth sensitivity.

Avoid Acidic and Sweet Foods


Another effective and easy home remedy is “Gargling”. It only requires waster and salt. For extra advantage you can add lime juice in your gargling mixture.



This home remedy is also available in your kitchen. Cloves have the medicinal property to treat several oral infections. Chew 2 or 3 cloves to get relief from tooth sensitivity problem or you can apply clove oil around your gums. This easy home remedy will surely help you to get rid of tooth pain sensitivity.


Mint is another effective home remedy to fight against oral infections. The presence of various medicinal properties such as antibacterial, anti fungal, anti inflammatory helps in curing sensitive tooth problems. Mixture prepared by mashing mint leaves, some black peppers and salt is also effective.


Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree OilThe natural tea tree oil also has a wonderful effect in relieving various sensitive teeth problems by just applying it on your gums with your fingers.

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