Heart Attack Prevention Tips During Winter

Heart Attack Prevention Tips During Winter

Winter is here, and we love it. But beware as you know that every season has its pros and cons winter too has some. In winter we face many health problems some are visible which we cure immediately while other are not visible and are more dangerous. One of such problem is a heart attack.

Know that winter affects our heart too much and the reason for this heart cells. Our heart cells were contracted in winter and because of this blood and oxygen can’t flow properly to heart. Excess of this leads to high blood pressure which can be turned into a heart attack.

According to experts, the number of deaths causes by heart attack increase in winter in comparison to summers. In winter heart rate ration increase up to 53%, but you don’t have to worry.

The good news about a heart attack is, it is one of the easiest things which you can avoid. Most of the people generally ignore the most common symptoms that our body aware us about future heart attack. If you take proper care of your body, then you can prevent a heart attack.  Below are some tips which you need to follow to prevent a heart attack.

Heart Attack Prevention Tips During Winter

Heart Attack Prevention Tips During Winter

Regular Exercise

Nothing can beat the health benefits that our body gains with exercise. Make a habit of exercising daily. It will not just promise you to have a healthy heart but assure you have a good active day.

Warm Clothes

Winter is related to fashion and shows off but if you are really serious about your health then don’t let fashion come around in your way. Invest in good warm clothes which keeps you warm, when you go outside prefer to use a scarf, cap, etc. to cover your face.

If you do not wear proper warm clothes, then you may suffer from hypothermia, which generally occurs when our body temperature falls down from normal. In hypothermia case, heart failure is the main cause of death. So don’t take it too lightly. Prepare yourself for going outside especially when you are planning a long trip.

Keep Home Warm

Bless yourself that you have a home. There are many people outside who spend their night by waking just to avoid any serious complications. Try to keep your room temperature warm. To avoid suffocation, a small opening in the window is sufficient.

Hot Food

When you are having your meal, then don’t wait for letting it cold. Eating cold food will affect your body. It’s better to finish your meal before it’s getting cold. Apart from it drinking lukewarm water is also suggestible. If you hadn’t habit of it then in starting it will be bit challenging for you because it will not kill your thirst but soon you will used too of it.

Avoid Smoking & Alcohol

Most of the people start drinking and smoking more in winter by claiming that it will keep their body more but know that it is a complete myth, so you need to avoid it as much as possible. When you drink and smoke, then it will take your body stiffer which is not good for our health.

Take Half an Hour Sunbath

If you have time, then take a sunbath for almost half an hour. It will not just cover the Vitamin D deficiency in your body but help you to burn the cholesterol. This is one of the perfect ways to prevent a heart attack.

Vitamin D is a prime thing which your heart needs at any cost as it is the only thing which is vital for maintenance and repair of a seco-steroid hormone that serves multiple gene-regulatory functions in your body.

Regular Checkup

This is the last thing which you need to do without any excuse. Regular checkup ensures that your all body parts are functional and good. A regular checkup also helps to detect any early stage of major problems in the body. In case of a heart attack if you have noticed any minor symptoms of diabetes or heart ache then immediately consult a doctor.

Have a healthy heart and don’t forget to share this little piece of knowledge with your loved ones and also bookmark and explore our site to know more amazing tips like this.

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