Health Benefits of Tea Consumption

It is a good news for tea drinkers that there are several health benefits of tea consumption. After various studies and researches, it is found by Tea Association that tea is the world’s 2nd most consumed beverage and it is beaten only by water. Other than the presence of antioxidant, there are many good health effects found in tea.

Health Benefits of Tea Consumption

Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Weight Loss Health Benefit

A natural compound in the tea i.e. Polyphenols along with caffeine content of tea boost energy expenditure and fat oxidation, which results in weight loss. These compounds are also helpful in maintaining a healthy body weight. It is also found that a regular tea drinker has a lower body mass indexes and less body fat as compared to a non-tea drinker.

Weight Loss Health Benefit

There are different types of tea that helps in weight loss such as Star anise tea (improves digestion), Peppermint tea (burn more calories and control what you eat), Green tea (speed up metabolism), Rose tea (prevents constipation & helps in weight loss), Oolong tea (protects against obesity) and Herbal tea (suppresses appetite).

Tea and Cancer Prevention

The antioxidant compound “Polyphenol” present in the tea helps in stopping the progression of certain cancers such as lung cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, cancer of the gastrointestinal tract and ovarian cancer. For example, green tea activates detoxification enzymes that guard the human body against tumor development.

Tea Reduces Cardiovascular Risks

Black tea reduces the cardiovascular risks by controlling the blood pressure in patients along with hypertension and also counteracts the negative effects of high fat meals on blood flow in arteries.

Reduces Cardiovascular Risks

Therefore, drinking a cup of tea per day may reduce the dangerous incidence of heart attack, stroke and many other cardiovascular diseases.

Tea and Strong Bones

Tea has the ability to strengthen the bones and protect the bones against Osteoporosis (thinning of bones and painful bone fractures). It is also shown by many European studies that tea drinking protects against hip break due to the presence of caffeine & Polyphenols. By increasing the amount of milk in the tea it is more effective in improving bone quality, maintaining bone density and slow bone loss.

Tea Improves Mood and Mental Alertness

Tea has psychological benefits as it contains amino acid theanine and caffeine that act like mood enhancer and also strengthening mental alertness which leads to good mental performance.These compounds of tea also improve the memory and learning ability of the human brain by producing a very calming effect.

Tea Helps In See Better And Fight Diabetes

Green tea has the compounds that have the ability to affect tissues (particularly tissue related to eye retina) of the eyes. It reduces oxidative stress of eyes and protects our precious eyeballs. So, it is recommended to you to add a cup of green tea in your daily diet. The different types of caffeinated teas also fight against diabetes due to the presence of caffeine tea compound.

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