Head, Neck and Back Pain Relief Pressure Points

If you are suffering from head, neck or back pain and tried out all conventional medicines such as aspirin or painkillers, you will be happy to know that you can get quick relief through a series of pressure points in your body.  A2zlifestyle recommends you a list of pressure points that are very helpful in headache, neck or back pain.


Pressure Points to Get Relief from Head, Neck & Back Pain

Headache Relief Pressure Points

The one of the most uncontrollable and hardest thing is a headache. The headache is unbearable sometimes as there are so many different types of pain and locations where pain can occur in a head and can’t be under control by conventional medicines. Here are pressure points with the help of which you can lighten headache pain in as little as five minutes. First of all, gently rub your temples (side of the head behind the eyes). It is mostly a relaxation technique in which you should barely touch the skin. Move your fingers in a circular motion at your temple in the direction of your face for 20 to 60 seconds.

Headache Relief Pressure Points

On your very next step, make a pressure firmly on the pressure points on the inside of your eyebrows. Massage in a circular motion. Place your fingers on the upper forehead by moving up your fingers from the eyes to upper forehead. Upper forehead is more sensitive as compared to other head’s parts. Rub there for up to 40 seconds. In the final step, move your fingers to the center of your upper forehead and rub there for up to 40 seconds. This technique surely helps in alleviating most headache problems.

Pressure Points for Neck Pain Relief

Pressure Points for Neck Pain Relief

Our neck is in between the head and back, so it can really tense up when you use pressure points to help other areas of your body. There is a pressure point between your middle finger and pointer finger of the hand.  By pressing this pressure point, you will get relief from neck pain. Start by pressing down lightly and continue to put pressure until you experience a dull ache around this pressure point. If you have a pain in your neck, use the pressure point of opposite hand.

Acupressure for Back Pain

back pain relief

If you have lower back pain, put your hands around your back. Make sure your thumbs are on your back, palms are in the hip bone and you are feeling the muscles surrounding the spine. One pressure point is right at the external edge of these muscles and the other is halfway between the first pressure point & the spine. These pressure points help in relieving your from back pain by relaxing the muscles in your back.

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