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6 Cute and Easy Romantic Braids For Valentine’s Day!!!

These braid hairstyles are perfect for a romantic date on the Valentine’s Day. So, follow these step-by-step tutorials to make these easy hairstyles at home!!

1. Mermaid Heart Braid

Time needed: 5 to 8 minutes
Skill needed: Medium

You will need:

a) Hairbrush
b) Rat-tail comb
c) Spray bottle
d) 6 small hair rubber bands
e) Pomade
f) Hair accessory (optional)


a) Start with dry or wet hairs and choose their section behind each temple
b) Pull them back to the center of your head and apply pomade to it and set it using a tiny rubber band.
c) Choose a small hair section directly under the first one and pull them to the head’s back.

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d) On the first side, put your pointer and middle fingers into the hair section you have recently pulled back.
e) Tuck your fingers under the first part you have pulled back
f) Put the second strand between your fingers and softly pull the hair strand downward.
g) Repeat steps d) to f) on another side
h) Take the ends of the two-second strand and set it to make a heart shape.
i) Continue with steps d) to h) for both sides till you have got three hearts in total.

2. Twisted Crown Braid


a) Take the most of the front hairs to one side.
b) Now, choose two tiny hair pieces at the hairline.
c) Twist them in such a way that the top part moves to the base and base moves to the top.
d) Add some hairs to the lower hair strand.
e) Twist them again, and you will continue doing this all around your head, adding few hairs to the lower strand and then change position.
Note: Try to keep the twisted hair not too tight not too loose.
e) While reaching another side, continue for as long as you have hair left to include.
f) Make a rope braid with the end of the hair.
g) Twist the two strands to the left and then across each other to the right.
h) Fix the ends using a tiny rubber band and hide it under the hairs using bobby pins.

i) Pull the twisted hairs to make it more bouncy.

3. Half-Up 3D Heart Hairstyle

You will need:

a) 2 tiny hair rubber bands
b) Finishing hairspray, gel, pomade, etc. (optional)
c) Bobby pins

4. Three-strand Uneven Braid


a) Begin by taking there even hair strands from the left side of the head.
Note: Take the third strand ‘small.’
b) Take the smallest one and set it on the second strand.
c) Take both and fix the around the first one.
d) Keep doing this till you reach the back of the head.
e) Do the similar on other side and don’t forget to take a little bit of hair from each braid to make it look bouncy.
f) Now, take both the braids and tie them together using a rubber band at the center of the head.

5. Four-Strand Ribbon Braid Headband


a) Tie the braid using a rubber band and make sure to tie the pink base with rubber bands
b) Assume pink bottom as a hair strand.
c) Then you have four strands including two ribbon ones.
Note: You need to divide the hairs into two halves.
d) Take the ribbon and bring it to the third hair strand.
e) Bring the last ribbon and wrap it under the strand number two.
f) Keep down this till you reach the end.
g) Tuck your strand if it too tight.
Note: Avoid using rubber bands instead use ribbons.
h) If you want a headband, just wrap it around your head and tie it making a bow.

6. Heart Accents

You Will Need:

a) Hairbrush
b) 5 tiny hair rubber bands
c) Hairspray
d) Rat-tail comb
e) Spray Wax
f) Accessory (optional)

Time Needed: 3 to 5 minutes
Skill Required: Easy


a) Start by partitioning the hairs to one side.

b) Divide 3-inch rectangle on the side of fewer hairs.
c) Move down about 1/2 inch from the scalp and set the hair section using a tiny rubber band.
d) Divide that hair section into three equal strands.
d) Braid each stand into three micro-strand braids.
e) With fingers and rat tail comb, pull one side of twist away from the hair section and slide the rightmost braid halfway upward via the rubber band.

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f) Keep on doing the same with left most braid on another side.
g) Pull the both flipped twists till they are nearly 1/2 inch inside the rubber bands.
h) You should have the middle micro-braid that hangs straight downward and two micro-braids downward.
i) Collect the ends of two side braids together with a central twist to make a heart shape, sliding the base of heart up/down.
j) Set the bottom of hearts together using hair rubber bands.
k) Eliminate the three rubber bands from the base of braids and allow the hair to fall.
l) Add hairspray and accessory if needed.