Best prom hairstyles-4
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Try 4 Super Adorable DIY Prom Hairstyles

Prom season will roll between March till June which means that every girl is thinking about the hair tutorials and makeup tips to decide what looks impressive with their dress. We have listed four super cute options for you.

Time needed: 5 to 10 minutes
Skill level: Medium

You Will Need:

a) Hairbrush
b) Rubber bands
c) Bobby pins
d) Rat-tail comb
e) Spray bottle (optional)

1. Fishtail Half-up


a) Begin by dividing hair down the central part.
b) Section your hairs on a diagonal from the front towards the head’s back.
c) Now, fix this up at the head’s end using a tiny rubber band.

Best prom hairstyles-1
d) Repeat step b) on another side of the head.
Note: Ensure that both ponytails are in queue with each other.
e) Choose one ponytail and make a fishtail braid.
f) Return and pancake your braid by pulling the edges and make it bouncy.
g) Make a fishtail on the second ponytail.
h) Select two fishtails and fix them like you will tie the first half of the knot and set them using bobby pins.
i) Choose one braid, fix it into a knot on your own and secure the ends to one side using pins.
j) Repeat step h) on twist number two.
k) Finally, it off with hairspray if desired.

2. Dutch Braided Updo


a) Divide off the front of your hairs from the ears.
b) Now pull all your hairs for your eras back in a temporary ponytail.
c) One side, select a tiny section and divide it into three parts. Start making a Dutch-French braid.
d) Go back and make a twist.

Best prom hairstyles-2
e) Repeat steps c) and d) on the other side too.
f) Now, free your temporary ponytail form its rubber band and take a top half portion of hairs and tie it with a tiny rubber band.
g) Divide the back hairs into three parts and braid down your hairs.
h) In the back, cover your braid and fix it with the bobby pins.
i) Choose up one of the twists from the front and wind it all over the top of your bun and set it using bobby pins.
j) Finish it with the hairspray if needed.

3. Side Faux Braid


a) Partition your hairs to one side.
b) On the heavy side, just select a tiny hair section for the front side and a second one for the back side ad this together using a small rubber band.
c) Now, pull on the hair edges to give an extra thickness and texture.

Best prom hairstyles-3
d) Choose two hair sections apart from the first two and put this together just behind your first ponytail. Set it up using a small rubber band.
e) Now again, pull one the ponytail edges to make it look bouncy.
f) Repeat this process for two more sections.
g) After the fourth part, begin to angle the hair back towards the front.
h) After reaching the nape of the neck, just do the procedure again by taking the tiny hair section from every side of the rubber band and set it using elastic.
i) Finally, finish this up using a hairspray.

4. Rope-Twist Pinwheel Bun

Time needed: 15 to 20 minutes
Skill level: Difficult

Rope-Twist Pinwheel Bun

You Will Need:

a) Brush
b) Rat-tail comb
c) 1 ponytail holder
d) 1 bun maker
e) Spray bottle
f) 4 to 6 bobby pins
g) Hair accessory and spray (optional)


a) Start by making a high ponytail.
b) Now, take the bun maker and pull the strands via it and slide it down the end of our ponytail.
c) Leave the hairs to fall smoothly over the bun maker.
d) Make a small separation on the side of the bun to start your rope twists.
e) Select a tiny hair section and partition into two small strands.
f) Twist both parts each in the similar direction few times and then roll them together in the opposite direction using standard rope braiding method.
Note: Make twists down nearly 4 to 5 inches.
f) After reaching the two fingers down the middle of bun maker, just take the twist you just made and pull it up via the middle of the bunker.
g) Untwist the ends if they are twisted and select some old hair to mix with your hair strand.
h) Separate the hair section into two strands and make sure that you divide the shorter strands smoothly using the newly added hairs.
i) Repeat the steps 6 to 9 till the whole bun maker get covered with the rope twisted strands.
j) At the last rope twist, pull it via the bun maker and then turn the ends all through the strand,
k) Take the end and cover it all under the bun and all over the ponytail holder and using bobby pins, fix it into its position.
l) Make your bun perfect by tucking all the thin layers under the surrounding twist and spread the twists smoothly all over the bun
m) Finally, add hairspray or a fantastic accessory.