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Step By Step Tutorial To Cut Side-Swept Bangs Like A Pro

Side swept bangs drop at a diagonal to just one side of the face and looks fantastic on any face shape. But sadly, they require maintenance to look best.

You need to trim them for every 2 to 4 weeks depending on how speedily or slowly your hair grows. It will not only save you time but also your cost too. So let’s check out step-by-step tutorial for women on how to cut side swept bangs like a professional in just a few seconds at your home.

You Will Need:

a) Comb
b) Mirror
c) Straightener/iron
d) Clips, bobby pins, and rubber band
e) Water bottle

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Method 1: Prepare your hair

1. Make your hair completely dry

To get more accurate bags, you need to wet them. But in case your hairs are curly or naturally wavy, wet them or for a dry cut, just blow dry and then straighten them afterward prior cutting.

2. Comb your bangs

With a comb, just bring down the bangs on your face and if you don’t have it, just create a triangle part and comb out all hairs and partition it down the center.

Only, find where your head begins to slope ahead. See a triangle made up of this point and top 2 points of your forehead with the arch of your eyebrows to present how full the triangle should be. Comb your hairs in this direction to make up your bangs.

3. Pull back the remaining hairs

Comb the rest of tresses in the backward direction and keep it in position. With a hair rubber band, bobby pins or clips for this as this will prevent your hairs from falling ahead on your face.

Method 2: Cutting your tresses with shears

1. Select your right scissors

Use special styling shears as they are sharper and mainly designed to cut hairs. But in case you don’t have it, just take a bright and correct pair of scissors as the dull ones will destroy your hair by generating uneven ends. Make sure you first test them on a piece of string to check its sharpness.

2. Just hold your nags to opposite direction where you want them to fall

In case you desire your bangs to fall left, just hold and cut them to the right and vice versa. Measure your target length accurately by holding your bangs in front of the face. Begin at the tip of the nose and falling to eye level reaching the cheekbone.

3. Cut your bangs in sections

Begin by separating 1-inch broad section of hairs near to your nose and hold it flat. You have to make a diagonal edge near the hair sections will be near your hairs is at its shortest.

Once you’re done with one part, just move on to the next. Keep each section queue up with the others at the similar angle. Use a mirror to check its smoothness and accuracy.

a) While cutting, just place your shears perpendicular to your hairs and then point the shears tip down at an angle.

b) While working with the smaller section will take a long time but will produce surprising results.

c) If you get a new look, just cut your hair slightly longer than you need it. Then you can return and trim it short if the ends are a bit long.

4. Re-comb and check your new bangs

Just take back your bangs to the place you want to keep it. Just check out its angle and length and look for any of the uneven sections.

5. Touch up any errors

In case you have missed out any parts, trim those out to match the surrounding sections. Redo if any segments are even to make a neat diagonal line. Cut out vertically rather than at an angle for this step to get more accuracy.

6. Style out your bangs

Finally, it’s time to style them. For this, use a hair dryer and round brush to comb it to your desired side. A tiny amount of mousse will add additional volume to your new appearance. In case your thick hairs, just follow with a flat iron or curling iron to style them.