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Flaunt Your Beautiful Hairs And Skin With Wonderful Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is an excellent source of vitamins, vital fatty acids, and antioxidants, and result in outstanding benefits to your skin and hairs.

This oil gets soaked to your skin and gives you moisturized skin ever time. The omega-6, linoleic acid, omega-3 helps to repair damaged skin, follicles and scalp tissues. Rosehip oil is extracted out from the seeds of rose bushes grown in Chile.

Rosehip Oil Benefits-2

1. Acne

The essential fatty acids in rosehip oil fade away acne fast via skin regeneration. Vitamin A present in it boosts skin texture and tone. It hinders skin dehydration and stops acne.


a) Rinse your face and then apply few drops of rosehip oil on your face using your hands.
b) Massage it gently till it gets well-penetrated to your skin.


a) Add the equal amount of rosehip oil and carrier oil of your choice.
b) Massage it over your skin and cleanse your face.

2. Give Shiny Hairs

Rosehip oil helps you to get rid of dull hairs, dandruff and another hair issue due to the richness of vitamin A, E, and C as well as kye fatty acids. Believe me; you will get bouncy and lustrous hairs after using it.


a) Apply rosehip oil on your hair scalp and leave it for half an hour before shampooing your hairs.


You Will Need:

a) Rosehip oil
b) Carrier oil
c) 1 drop onion juice


a) Alternatively, you can also mix few drops of coconut oil or any other carrier oil.
b) Add onion juice and heat it for some time and the use it on your hairs.
c) Take a break for half an hour and then apply shampoo for good rinse.
d) Repeat the process few times every month.

3. Treat Brittle Nails

It helps to gives proper nourishment to your brittle nails and makes them healthy and stronger.

Rosehip Oil Benefits-3

Tip: Massage your nails every week with this oil before sleeping.

4. Lose Weight

Rosehip oil also helps to tackle the problem of obesity due to the richness of tiliroside in its seeds. It helps to make your metabolism faster and hinders the fast collection of the fat inside the tissues and burns them.

5. Stretch Marks

It eliminates stretch marks caused due to puberty, weight gain, and pregnancy. It has a good source of linolenic fatty acids that just not only gives your flawless skin but eliminates stretch and burn marks.

Rosehip Oil Benefits-4


a) Apply the oil only to clean skin and avoid diluting it.
b) Rub it gently and wait till it gets absorbed deeply.

6. Reduces Sunburn Spots

Rosehip oil has calming and healing properties that soothe skin and minimises inflammation caused due to sunburn.

Tip: Apply this oil to your sunburnt areas on your skin.

7. Anti-Aging Solution

Rosehip oil gets deep into your skin and stops premature aging due to the richness in basic compounds like as linoleic, oleic, palmitic, polyunsaturated fatty acids (vitamin F) and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). It boosts the collagen production in your body by creating new skin layers. These fatty acids turn into prostaglandins (PGE) that activates regeneration of cells membrane and tissues.

Rosehip Oil Benefits-5


You Will Need:

a) 1/2 ml vitamin E oil
b) 1 ml rosehip oil


a) Mix both the oils and put it on your skin two times a day.

8. Excellent Moisturizer

It minimizes additional loss of water from your skin and helps to get rid of dry skin quickly. This versatile oil helps to give you even skin tone, and heals cracked heels and make your skin baby soft.


a) Take few drops of rosehip oil on your palm.
b) Now massage it into your exposed areas of dry skin in the daytime or before sleeping at night

9. Dark Circles

Want to wash away the dark circles around your eyes? Just apply our rosehip oil, and you will instantly notice the changes in your eyes. A serum that includes this oil hydrates and revitalizes the skin around your eyes.

10. Exfoliate Skin

Yes, rose hip oil is an excellent natural exfoliator similar to salt and sugar. It heals clogged pores and skin blemishes.

Rosehip Oil Benefits-6

Tip: To get a clear free skin, rub this oil mixed with baking soda.