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Top 15 Secrets For A Happy And Successful Marriage

When the couples tie the knot, they always hope for their marriage relationship to be satisfied and cheerful. Check out some tips for happy, prosperous and longevity in your relation. 1. Complement Each Other The relationship between happiest couple lives longer if they appreciate each other work by sharing their looks and gratitude. If your […]

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How Communication Breakdown Affects Marriage and Relationships

Marriage is a relationship that ties two persons with each other for entire life. Everybody wants to live a happy married life and wants to feel the joy of married relationships. But sometimes pleasant relationships turn into bitter relationships. If there is a lack of honesty and clarity in a relationship, this type of relation […]


How to Make Friends in Your 40s

If you are in your 40s, it is an almost impossible task to make new friends. Don’t worry. Just take it easy as we provide easy ways to get friends at the age of 40. Give Friendships Time to Evolve Start with the making of acquaintances and giving them friendships time to turn in your […]